Wilson Smooth Driver

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  • Proprietary variable face thickness design delivers a sweet spot twice as wide as a constant thickness face.
  • Weight is moved further back in the head as loft increases to maximize head stability and improve the launch conditions appropriate for each loft.
  • Lower CG in lower lofts produce low spin rates and boring trajectories.
  • Different player types require specific lofts matched with complimentary Fujikura shaft designs.The Fujikura E-Fit offers an ideal set of properties for each flex shaft.
  • The E100 series shaft in the R Flex are geared for a more relaxed swing, offering increased flexibility resulting in a higher ball launch and with slightly more spin.

Product Description
The Smooth offers progressive internal weight distibution, internal sole weighting produces progressive dynamic loft. The Smooth doubled the High CT area for a hotter sweet spot.The Smooth offers progressive shaft offerings from Fujikura, more head speed, more ball speed, more distance. (compared in driver testing).... More >>

Wilson Smooth Driver

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