The Secret To Managing Your Golf Training Stress And Frustration

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Learning to play golf, while developing your best golf swing can be incredibly challenging, but it should also be a great source of fun and relaxation. Too often, the weekend golfer is frustrated with the inconsistency of play in relation to pre-game enthusiasm, which by contrast is most often filled with anticipation of golf swing efficiency. Unfortunately, most duffers don't have the luxury of unlimited practice time, nor do they have the funds to support a higher level of participation. And, that can result in stress, anxiety and frustration. And, needless to say, anyone of those can virtually destroy your enjoyment and self-satisfaction of the game of golf.

It's important to remember that most of the stress you encounter in life is self-imposed. In other words, we all seem to take ourselves way too seriously. Golf is just a game. Our best golf swing is just a simple golf swing. It shouldn't be a defining moment in our lives, determining our value as individuals. We make mistakes. We lose concentration. So what! It's nothing that a little golf training can't fix.

The point I'm getting at here is to simply relax and have fun with the game. Frustration will generally subside in direct proportion to the progression of your fundamental skills as a golfer. Admittedly, it will never disappear completely, even with a golf lesson or two, but when we consider our proficiency in relation to the time allotted to practicing the necessary golf skills, we can usually maintain a better perspective on expectations.

No one's perfect, nor is anyone immune to stress and frustration. Every golf course challenges us with an infinite number of variables. Each and every golf shot has its unique lie and demands. Just look at the pros of the PGA. Do they get angry and frustrated with themselves? Of course they do. They demand and expect perfection with each and every golf stroke. However, when unsuccessful, they generally get over it fairly quickly and move on to the next opportunity. It's a level of confidence they gain through continuous expert golf instruction and analysis. So, when you consider their skill level and experience, how can we as weekend golfers expect immunity from the same type of disappointment and frustration?

Keep things in perspective. If you're in the game of golf simply for relaxation and enjoyment, then practice your golf swing whenever you can. Pick up a few golf lessons, if it's within your budget, have some fun and do your best, with regard to your personal limitations and constraints. If, on the other hand, your motivation is more competitive, don't develop an excuse driven loser mentality, justifying poor play with insufficient golf training or practice time. If you want to compete, no matter at what level, the demands of practice and training will be significant. Self-satisfaction will be derived through your own personal dedication and hard work, and never by offering excuses. And, this is where professional golf instruction can pay big dividends.

Your best golf swing, each and every time will eliminate ninety-nine percent of all frustration. Relax, manage your emotions, recall your most important golf tips, focus on the fundamentals and enjoy the results.

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