Mixing Tradition And Development At The Ballybunion Golf Club – The Old Course

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When it comes to the ideal golf vacation spots in Ireland, the Southwest area is riddled with amazing golf courses filled with great links and stunning views. In these parts you will see Ireland’s most sought after golf course all eager to line up for some tee time, the Ballybunion Golf Club, particularly its old […]

On & Off Course Golf Tips Book

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Fits in your pocket;Durable construction with limited lifetime warranty;Quickly improve your golf game and score;Durable water proof pages; Product DescriptionA PRO IN YOUR POCKETSimply formatted and pocket-perfect, this 5-by-3-inch laminated guide is worth its weight in thrown clubs. Dont think twice about how to align yourself on a side-hill shot just flip the guide open […]

Adare Manor Hotel & Golf Resort: The Melting Pot Of Luxury, Service And Of Course, Golf

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In 2002, the prominent Conde Nast Traveler Magazine’s People’s Choice Awards named the Adare Manor Hotel & Golf Resort as the number one European resort. Just looking at the pictures of this luxurious place would make anyone agree and have the urge to pack up their bags and go straight to the airport, even though […]

How To Choose Your “Home Course”

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Many factors go into choosing a regular golf course, or the home course, for a golfer. Among the most important things to consider for most are cost, location, the normal condition of the course, facilities, amenities and service. Most golfers are not only looking for a course that they can enjoy time after time, […]

Golf Tips – The Importance Of Course Management

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There are many factors that can contribute to helping to lower your golf scores and reduce your handicap and course management is one of them. This is an often overlooked aspect of golf as people seek to develop a perfect swing in order to play better golf. The fact is that proper course management can […]

Golf Accessories – Taking Them To The Course

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The modern golfing enthusiast is spoilt for choice when it comes to deciding which things to buy to include in his golf kit as there is such a wide range of specialized equipment for the beginner and the professional golfer today. Of course, what makes it important to the scope of the game is that […]

5″ Sunday Golf Bag for Driving Ranges/Short Course

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Product Description5″ Sunday BagThis lightweight durable bag is attractive and a step above the traditional canvas alternative. 5″ X 35″ bag. Includes 2 zippered pockets. Mesh pocket…. More >>

Taylormade R7 Draw Iron Set —-Hot In The Golf Course

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The new r7 Draw irons are the latest distance innovation from TaylorMade. Engineered with the same Inverted Cone Technology that has made their drivers #1 on Tour, these irons feature Draw Weighted Technology to remove weight from the cavity area at the toe and position the CG back and closer to the heel. An expanded […]

Accidents on the golf course do happen

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Golf is a magnificent game of concentration and skill, you need both to be working in harmony with each other in order to succeed and hit the ball exactly where you want it to go.  There are times though that even the most seasoned pro golfer can hit a poor shot and it can go […]

Golf Course In Orlando Part 2

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What better way than to spend your vacation in Orlando than by playing golf. The area offers some fantastic courses for every level of golfer. So while the kids are enjoying the world famous attractions you van enjoy some serious golfing time. Here are a selection of courses which you can enjoy whilst on your […]

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