Golf Cart Cup Holder Mount for Sonocaddie GPS

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  • Features an adjustable flywheel base that expands to fit varying cup holders
  • Approximately 5 inches tall
  • Uses the belt clip button on the back of the GPS to attach to the mount

Product Description
You just purchased a Sonocaddie. Where do you put it? The golf cart's cup holder of course! You will love this mount!

The popular Cup Holder Mount is about 5" tall. It features an adjustable flywheel base that expands to fit varying cup holder opening except for those that are so large that the 7-Eleven Big Gulp falls over. Your GPS will attach to the mount using the same round button that us used to attach to your belt clip.... More >>

Golf Cart Cup Holder Mount for Sonocaddie GPS


3 Responses to “Golf Cart Cup Holder Mount for Sonocaddie GPS”
  1. Bobby says:

    The Product is alright. It would fit better if most golf cart holders were not tapered. Overall it does its job.
    Rating: 4 / 5

  2. Most clamping devices sold for cart mounting golf GPS units are extremely expensive. This cup holder mount looked like a good idea, and fit my budget better, so I purchased one on e-Bay. When I received it, my suspicions were immediately aroused because the mount required assembly and didn’t fit together very well. I ended up gluing the unit together.

    At the golf course, installing the unit in a cup holder required turning a screw to expand the bottom of the mount to fit the cup holder hole. This doesn’t work very well. Turning the screw is very hard on the fingers and in most cases, cup holders on golf carts are slightly tapered so the thing just doesn’t fit solidly, no matter how hard you turn the screw. Sure enough, halfway down the first hole, after hitting a few bumps, the whole thing, including my GPS, was ejected from the cup holder hole. It soon went into the garbage.

    Later I bought a “Caddie Buddy” on e-Bay for 20 bucks and it works great.
    Rating: 1 / 5

  3. D. Prehm says:

    Item has not been used so durability is an unknown at this point. However it appears to be flexible enough to fit in any golf cart securely. The instructions were very sparse but the limited assembly required was a plus. I am getting everything I expected. I always fear when everything is plastic from a staying viewpoint.
    Rating: 4 / 5

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