Franklin Sports Chux PVC Golf Toss

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  • Includes 2-40" X 24" PVC frames with bonus scoring bar-minor assembly required
  • Includes 6 Chux! tosses
  • Tosses are 3-white and 3-green
  • Complete rules and assembly instructions included
  • Carry/Storage bag included

Product Description
The object of the game is to toss your Chux! Golf tosses at the target and score more points than your opponent by attaching the golf tosses to the different skill levels on the target. Distance from where you stand to toss should be adjusted based on the age group that is playing. Maximum distance is 25 feet.... More >>

Franklin Sports Chux PVC Golf Toss


One Response to “Franklin Sports Chux PVC Golf Toss”
  1. J. Harrison says:

    This is a poorly built piece of junk. It lasted about 2 games before the connectors broke when the balls hit them. Build your own with Schedule 40 PVC, takes 50′ of pvc, 12 3/4″ T connectors, and 12 90 degree elbows. Building your own costs about $35, buying it from Franklin costs about $25 +tax/shipping…do your own math. The one I’ve built has lasted over 50 games without problems. The game is pretty entertaining, the quality of the game is extraordinarily poor.
    Rating: 2 / 5

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