Eagle Golf Cruiser I-m4 Single Rider Golf Cart

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  • The im-4 is great fun and easy to operate and enables the rider to speed up play up to 20%
  • Equipped with a steel frame construction and strong fibre glass body. Travels two 18 holes or 50km of continuos travel
  • 12 month limited warranty period from date of purchase
  • The Eagle Cruiser im-4 is an innovative creation aimed at bringing the game of golf to a new level

Product Description
Eagle Golf Cruiser is the North American exclusive agent for the I-m4 single rder golf cart. We are dedicated to the innovation in our quest for perfection within the field of golf and utility vehicles. We pride ourselves in our quality and our manufacturing is carried out strictly in accordance with ISO9001. This remarkable im-4 golf cart will make course travel more exciting and golfers feel young at heart. This eco-friendly all electric golf cart is easy to operate and allows the golfer to concentrate on their own game while speeding up play. This vehicle folds down and stows away in most suv"s or Minivans. When not playing the game of golf the im-4 makes a great recreational vehicle or simply your community travel vehicle.... More >>

Eagle Golf Cruiser I-m4 Single Rider Golf Cart

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