Disc Golf Learn to Play The Champions Way DVD

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  • First Rate Instructional Video
  • Features Top Disc Golf Pros--Ken Climo and David Feldberg
  • Perfect for Novice, Intermediate and Advanced Players

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Disc Golf Learn to Play The Champions Way DVD


2 Responses to “Disc Golf Learn to Play The Champions Way DVD”
  1. Oliphaunt says:

    I must first tell you that I am, maybe, an “above average amateur” now as opposed to a “total beginner” when I started about 13 months ago. What I am is an old-time Frisbee thrower who did absolutely everything wrong that could be done. (Forget you ever saw a Frisbee. Honest! No similarity.) So … maybe I can, at least, advise you on some things not to do.

    This DVD is very short (I didn’t time it, but not very much of it is of actual practical use to novices. Very, very short for $[…]). I urge you not to think that by buying this, you will be equipped to go out on the course and have fun. Unfortunately, I don’t think you will.

    Far too many important things were either totally ignored or rushed through and, as such, will likely leave a beginner in dust. For example, the very serious importance of disc weight was almost totally dismissed. It would lead you to believe that you should get a 174 gram Innova Champion Boss almost immediately. “You should start out on lighter discs” was the only “specific advice”. How light is light? 150 gram class? Ultralights? How can you tell what’s right? Who knows by this? Another example: The footwork involved in the “scissors step” driving technique is handled in about 60 seconds. No kidding! I could go on but, if you started this way, I can imagine you might get very discouraged, very quickly. A beginner’s DVD? I think not.

    Did I enjoy watching the disc? Sure I did (but not […] bucks worth). After all, these are the best disc golfers in the world. However, they seem to have forgotten that beginning golfers don’t start by doing things the way they do. They exclusively show you the way they do things now and not how they started. Unfortunately, it is precisely these intermediate steps that beginners are most in need of and most interested in … and it is precisely these intermediate steps that are ignored. In short,the old axiom, “‘ya gotta walk before ‘ya can run”, true as it is, is pretty much gone with the wind here.

    I’m sad about that but there ‘ya go. I wish there was quality beginner’s instruction out but, if there is, I’m unaware of it.

    The best thing I was able to do, in getting started, was to go to the 1st tee of my local course and pretend I was waiting for somebody. I watched people. I saw what worked and what didn’t. I identified myself as a novice. I acted pitiful. And the happy part of doing that was that the better players were only too happy to give advice and, usually, to inite me to play a few holes with them. (Flattery will get you everywhere.)

    Check the internet, too. There are some videos on YouTube by Dan Beato that were helpful to me. Also, the better web retailers, like Marshall Street Disc Golf and especially Clearwater Disc Golf, can be extremely helpful.

    Keep at it, though. It gets a lot more fun as you go. In fact it gets downright addictive.

    (Finally, and I can’t emphasize this enough, forget about “Frisbees”. Make that the “F” word in your vocabulary. There is no similarity AT ALL!)

    Good luck. If you’re coming to Sarasota, give me a call.

    Rating: 3 / 5

  2. I was really looking forward to getting this video because both Ken and Dave are such great players. If you are just starting out playing the sport then I would say this is a great investment and will provide you a great base upon which to build. I have been playing now for about a year and a half and would really like to enhance my skills. I did pick up a few things from this video that I am working on applying and hope to see improvements as a result. I was really hoping to see more specific instruction on how I can improve my own technique. They do provide some hot tips through out the video but I was hoping for more.
    Rating: 4 / 5

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