Cleveland HiBORE Monster XLS Driver

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  • Features a square face angle and neutral weighting with a deeper, wider face profile
  • With distance driven geometry for optimal launch conditions, higher ball speeds, and greater distance
  • Maximum moment of inertia (MOI) approaching the USGA limit of 5900 generates full face performance (FFP)
  • Lighter and longer fujikura flightspeed fit-on shaft fitting system offers greater distance
  • One-year warranty protects against defects in materials and workmanship

Product Description
The HiBORE Monster XLS Driver is Cleveland's Largest Driver Ever. Designed to the USGA limit dimensions with a 16% larger face than the original Product Description
The HiBORE Monster XLS Driver Standard Model has a square face angle and neutral weighting for sure and steady hits, with to-the-limit dimensions for maximum Moment of Inertia (MOI), the ultimate forgiveness, and maximum stability on the green. With 24 grams of weight placed in three optimized perimeter locations the Monster XLS's face, MOI approaches the USGA limit of 5900. This extra-large MOI generates Full Face Performance (FFP), maximizing ball speed and improving accuracy from anywhere on the club face and allowing you to get a strong shot even on a mis-hit. With Distance Driven Geometry the HiBORE Monster XLS offers optimum launch conditions for greater distance and accuracy. Distance Driven Geometry moves the weight lower and deeper in the clubhead, aligning gra... More >>

Cleveland HiBORE Monster XLS Driver


One Response to “Cleveland HiBORE Monster XLS Driver”
  1. D. Rose says:

    I purchased the regular shaft with the 9.5 degree loft.

    Pros: Very forgiving, gained at least 15 yards from my previous club and plenty of club face.

    Cons: This is the loudest club I’ve ever owned. When you hit the ball it produces this high pitched clank that had everyone at the range turn heads. Club head size forced me to completely rework my swing to get the club around in time to strike the ball flush.

    Other thoughts: May just be me, but I ended up having to go to a 4″ tee with this club just to get under the ball. Everything said and done, if you can find it for the right price, I’d recommend.

    Rating: 4 / 5

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