Callaway Golf Odyssey Marxman Putting Mat

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  • High quality woven carpet is bound on all sides-will not fray
  • Distance, alignment and tempo markers help fine tune putting skills
  • Includes patented putting cup-1/4" smaller than regulation size to sharpen aim, cup is movable for multiple hole positions and angles
  • Non-skid rubber backing ensures carpet will always lay flat and never crease
  • Size: 2' X 8'

Product Description
The Callaway Marxman Putt Mat is made of high quality woven carpet that has been bound on all sides-it will not fray, backing is non-skid so that it always lays flat. Distance, alignment and tempo markers help fine tune your putting skills. Set includes: putting cup and 2' X 8' putting mat.... More >>

Callaway Golf Odyssey Marxman Putting Mat


3 Responses to “Callaway Golf Odyssey Marxman Putting Mat”
  1. LOUISE says:

    I just wanted people to know this is a great putting mat. It rolled out like a carpet runner. There isn’t any bends or creases. The cup attaches easily with velcro. When you putt the ball you’ll be able to tell just how straight it’s going because of the lines. When I hit from the 7 foot marker I was able to follow the ball and around 5 feet you’ll see if it’s still running straight. It’s not easy. There’s one very obvious flaw. Was the mat set up for a lefties? For righties you’ll be setting up with the markers and Odyssey upside down (what were they thinking?). For the price it’s the best mat I’ve used so I’m giving it 5 stars.
    Rating: 5 / 5

  2. D. Kim says:

    Rolled out the mat after I received it and it has several dents every 6 inches or so from being rolled up. Tried ironing it out but the actual rubber backing is dented so it’s not fixable. Pretty worthless. Buy something else.
    Rating: 1 / 5

  3. B. Hennessy says:

    Mat looks great, but many, many lumps so makes it difficult to practice. Go with the Callaway mat, it rolls out nicer!
    Rating: 2 / 5

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