Black Jax Quest Light Up Golf Disc – Red

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  • ~The FIRST EVER powered, light up, Disc Golf Driver!
  • ~3 high intensity LED's create a vibrant ring of light
  • ~High impact plastic for extreme durability
  • ~Batteries included and replaceable
  • ~Water Resistant / Shock Resistant.

Product Description
The Quest is the first mass-produced, powered, light-up golf disc! The Quest has 3 high intensity LEDs, with 6 volts of lithium battery power. Tested on the courses of Berkley and Santa Cruz, The Quest has proven flight and creates an incredible light show. This sleek driver has been tested by professionals and amateurs alike with excellent results. No more lost drivers during night golf!... More >>

Black Jax Quest Light Up Golf Disc - Red


2 Responses to “Black Jax Quest Light Up Golf Disc – Red”
  1. This is the worst disc ever made. I’m really not sure what they were thinking when they decided to release this to the public. It is cheap and flies like […]. When I threw it, it first of all turned over too easy but there was that “something” that happened in mid flight. It had to be the dumb wiring […] in the middle of the disc that made it rock or tilt very strangely. It’s hard to explain. It was the biggest waste of money. I thought I could take a chance on a disc for a little night golf or when I was caught out on the course near dark then I could use it. It is not worth having. Stick to LED lights and tape. This review is not coming from a professional but someone who is an intermediate to advanced level who plays disc golf a lot (usually minimal 8 times a week).
    Rating: 1 / 5

  2. I LOVE THIS DISC!!!! It’s understable so you may have to adapt to it, but it is super cool and flies great when you get the hang of it. Throw it on the course and watch everyone there come over to ask you about it! For playing at night this beats fishing lures and duct tape hands down.

    I can’t wait to see the new stuff Black Jax Sports comes out with.

    See you on the course when the lights go out.
    Rating: 5 / 5

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