Bag Boy T-8 Travel Cover

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  • PVC & High density foam
  • Top resist impact

Product Description
Extra thick, quilted padded top with high-density foam for maximum club protection Impact-resistant PVC top built into foam padding for maximum club protection Extra padding strategically positioned down the sides and front of the body Removable internal shoe bag Reinforced nylon carrying strap with Velcro locking handle In-line skate wheels Oversized padded piping for durability Interior strap stabilizes the bag during travel Premium all-weather 600D polyester Oversized shoe/garment pocket Deluxe skid bars on back with durable skid-resistant PVC base Fits 48" driver and a 10" cart bag... More >>

Bag Boy T-8 Travel Cover


One Response to “Bag Boy T-8 Travel Cover”
  1. W. Kaste says:

    I have to admit…the bag did it’s job. I took a trip with a transfer both ways. My clubs were protected; no damage what-so-ever. After getting home I was putting my clubs away and I noticed a small tear on a seam near one of the handles…not sure if it will get larger or should I try to get it repaired. I am a bit dissapointed in Bag Boy, they usually have good products.
    Rating: 3 / 5

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