36 Volt Golf Cart Battery Charger for EZ-GO Powerwise

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  • Battery Charger for EZ-GO 36 Volt Golf Cart Powerwise
  • Automatic "Intelligent" Charger
  • 18 Month Manufacturers Warranty

Product Description
This is a new Schauer Golf Cart Battery Charger. This charger is a 36 Volt 20 Amp fully automatic (completes the charge cycle and goes to "float" charge) charger. This charger operates on standard household power (117VAC 60 Hz) but can also operate on 240 Volts 50 or 60 Hz power. This charger is front panel switch selectable for either "Flooded" (normal lead acid batteries that have caps for checking liquid level) or the AGM type (Sealed) batteries.... More >>

36 Volt Golf Cart Battery Charger for EZ-GO Powerwise


One Response to “36 Volt Golf Cart Battery Charger for EZ-GO Powerwise”
  1. Just Gary says:

    UPDATE ON 2/18/2010: I went down to my garage this morning and there was a strange smell. I also heard the fan of this SCHAUER running, which it should not have been doing after a night of charging. When I went to the golf cart, the seat was very warm. As I lifted the seat to look at the battery, I saw all of them bubbling. I am not sure why it overcharged the batteries but I now use this as a back-up.

    My original review:

    I hate when ads use a name in the description that has nothing to do with a product. In this case, the title says “for EZ-GO Powerwise”. This is just to get the attention of anyone who is looking to replace their Powerwise battery charger. This is a schauer. It is a generic charger and they provide a Powerwise plug adapter.

    Why is it important? Well, the Powerwise is a 50 AMP charger while this is only a 20 AMP charger. So, the Powerwise charges much faster than this knock-off. Also, this is a digital charger while the Powerwise is not. This charger does not provide you any information on how much recharging is needed while the Powerwise has a meter that tells shows you how many amps the battery is taking. With the Powerwise, I can estimate how much time I can use a golf cart if I interrupt the charging process. With the schauer, I have no idea.

    OK, now that I have done my ragging, I do have some positives. Despite this being inferior, it actually works. If you charge overnight, the extra time this takes to charge is meaningless, but the fact that it only uses 20 AMPS will help the battery life and allow it to plug into a busy socket. Hopefully, this won’t break down, but so far it has worked fine.

    Also, this battery charger is much lighter than a Powerwise so it is easy to carry and cheaper to ship.

    So, back to ragging. This company does not ship to Hawaii or Alaska. Since I live in Hawaii, I had to get it shipped to a friend in California and they shipped it to me. This added time to the already slow delivery (regular group shipping by them). They can easily solve the problem by just shipping it to Hawaii and charge UPS or USPS prices, but they don’t bother.

    Rating: 2 / 5

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